Your product actually does work

Dear Sasmar
I had to contact you because I think your produce actually does work! I'm sorry if that sounds flippant, but after 7 yrs of male infertlity factor we've spent a fortune on 'remedies'.
I'm also 41 and have an 8 yr old daughter, who was conceived with no problems. We've also had three failed IVFs, acupuncture, herbal 'stuff'' etc....nothing worked.
Anyway, I bought your product by chance as it was on the chemist's counter...started using it and bang! After two months I was pregnant! Unfortunately I had a 7 week miscarriage. We still kept on using it over the 5 or so months after that and amazingly, I'm pregnant again!!
It has to be your product as that's the only thing over the last 6 months that we've done differently.
So thank you so much!! Please pass my thanks on to the scientists??? product developers?? I have already posted your info on the British BabyWorld site/infertility forum and will be telling ANYONE with male infertility issues about your product.
Keep you fingers crossed for us this time and thank you, again.