"After several uses this is definitely my preferred choice."

Customer Review "After several uses this is definitely my preferred choice."

Preferred choice to the tube., 17 Jun 2011 By N. Smith (verified Amazon.com purchase) I have been using Sasmar CP now for a few months but have been using the lubricant from the tube. Whilst I had no issues with the tube (it can be a bit messy), I would have preferred an applicator and was delighted to find this product now available. It comes with 8 individual applications and so you know that you have inserted the right amount. Which you don't when using the tube and is very easy to use. After several uses this is definitely my preferred choice. Same product, just a different way of using it and I feel somewhat reassured that the lubricant is getting to the right place straight away. Interestingly it states to insert 10-15 minutes before any sexual activity to allow the lubricant to disperse throughout the vagina, whereas there as no such instructions on the tube. This is my first month using the applicator so cannot yet confirm whether it has been successful and so have given it 4 stars rather than 5 but would highly recommend this product this over the tube. see the review here

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