ATTENTION TTC LADIES Conceive plus does work!!

ATTENTION TTC LADIES Conceive plus does work!!

Hi all there was a thread going last month regarding conceive plus lubricant (available from boots £14.99) at that point I was on the 2ww and waiting to see if I had conceived. I got what I thought was my af (9 days late)but actually turned out to unfortunately be a very early miscarriage. I didn't realise for a while as I hadn't managed to get a positive test at home but was since confirmed by blood hcg. That was the first month we had used it, had been trying for 9 months until then with zero success. (Me 23, DP 24- if anyone interested). So... yesterday, now at month 10 I was still sort of coming to terms with what happened last month and utterly convinced I was not pg now as have nothing like the symptoms I had last month. (and therefore have been drinking loads of wine, eating sushi and had a terrible cold so have taken every over the counter remedy known to man)

Tested on Friday 4wks 6days since lmp and BFN!!


was a few days lateish so decided to buy 2 more tests yesterday on my way home with the intention to wait until this morning.

Turns out I couldn't wait so I thought what the hell and POAS. Second line visible within about a minute, I almost fell of the loo. The first BFP I've had in my life, crazy. By dates I am 5+5 today


Go buy some from boots now, you have nothing to lose ladies now I have everything crossed for myself and for all of you too

TD xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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