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Conceive Plus Success Stories in Daily Mail

Rebecca Barley, 22,from Leicestershire and Serena Edwards, from Devon shared their Conceive Plus success stories with Daily Mail.

Rebecca’s Conceive Plus Success Story:

“After learning that she might never be able to have a child, Rebecca Barley was willing to try anything that might improve her chances. Rebecca, 22, suffered a miscarriage two years ago. She explains: ‘The pregnancy was a surprise, but we were absolutely delighted – and grief-stricken when I lost the baby. Then I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and was told this would make conceiving again harder. The disappointment made her and partner Benjamin, 25, who both work in accounts, realise how much they wanted to start a family.
‘I bought an ovulation kit and we hoped the doctors were wrong. But ten months on, I still wasn’t pregnant. It was too early to ask the GP about fertility tests, so I looked on fertility forums online for something that might help.
’ Rebecca, from Leicestershire, learned about a fertility gel called Conceive Plus, which promised to improve her chance of becoming pregnant. The gel is designed for women to use as a lubricant during sex. Its makers claim that it gives a man’s sperm a boost by creating the ideal environment for them to reach the woman’s egg.
‘We tried it just three times that first month … and my next period was late. We were beyond thrilled. Benjamin had got so used to me showing him the negative pregnancy tests that he refused to believe he was seeing two lines on this one. We’d wanted it for so long.'” Conceive Plus baby

Serena’s Conceive Plus Success Story:

“Serena Edwards, a project manager from Devon, and husband Dan, 43, a service engineer, started trying for a baby just over a year ago. ‘I was afraid I might struggle to fall pregnant,’ she says. ‘At 35, I knew my age might count against me. And six years ago, I was involved in a serious car accident. I didn’t know how much damage I’d sustained inside.’ When a pregnant friend recommended Conceive Plus fertility gel, she decided to give it a go – and fell pregnant within two months. Today, Serena and Dan are proud parents to gorgeous baby Jackson, who’s 12 weeks old. ‘We couldn’t be happier,’ she says. ‘Jackson is amazing. He’s a complete charmer.'” Read more

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