"Conceive Plus is magical" - CONCEIVE PLUS

"Conceive Plus is magical"

“1 year ago I gave birth to a spunky, energetic, and loving little girl. I can’t thank conceive plus enough for letting me have such an amazing opportunity to become a mother. After 2 years of trying with no luck I stumbled across this product. I was halfway through the tube and seeking fertility doctor. His exact words to me was “you don’t need me” I was stunned as I looked up on the screen to see a sac. My baby looked like a pea in a pod. Again thank you.” N.L, Facebook March 11th 2016

“Used only twice and now I’m pregnant 2-3 weeks… it really work.” M.D, Facebook March 3d 2016

“I used this twice and now im 22 weeks pregnant” N.N, Facebook March 10th 2016

“Yes it is the BEST… I’m 4+2 weeks now. Thanks conceive plus” M.D, Facebook March 10th 2016

“Yes B.C. it works I’ve been trying to convince for a year and a half and I bought this stuff now I’m 5 month pregnant with a baby girl !” A.K, Facebook March 25th 2016

“Me and my fiancé was trying to conceive for a year we tryed conceive Plus and got pregnant on the first try !! Can’t wait til our baby get here!” C.T, Facebook March 29th 2016

“It works the first time I tried it. Conceive Plus is magical !!!! Thank you for making my dream come true” L.C, Facebook March 14th 2016

"I used this once and I’m already pregnant :)” S.P, Facebook March 11th 2016 “So after trying for a year and one MC I decided to give this a go a last month and I’m 5 weeks pregnant now. Don’t know if it was this or good luck but I do believe this definitely helped. Thanks Conceive Plus really greatful. Guys we started using it from day 8 of my cycle up until day 22 I actually ordered two packets as we did the deed every single day and I used this each time. Also kept my legs up for half hour 45 mins after to help. Good luck all baby dust” M.S, Facebook March 14th 2016

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More about Conceive Plus

If you have just started trying to get pregnant or have been trying for a while, Conceive Plus® can help increase your chances of conception naturally! Recommended by doctors, pharmacists and fertility clinics in more than 60 countries, this is the fertility friendly lubricant approved by the FDA and a prescription is not required.