"I believe your product was the answer to all our prayers!"

We are so delighted to receive the below email and photo... isn't she just beautiful?

Testimonial: Hi, I wanted to drop you a quick line just to let you know, I believe your product was the answer to all our prayers! In 2008 we decided to try for a 2nd child- our first we conceived via frozen embryo from a failed ICSE treatment. We went ahead and started a fresh ICSE cycle which proved to be one problem after another and after making no successful embryos from the cycle due to poor egg and sperm quality I had more tests and was told that my amh level was so low I only had aprox 6 months of fertility left- we raced to find funds to try another cycle which I got 22 eggs and out if those only 2 fertilised- these were put back in but unfortunately didn't take and we were told the devastating news that it would now need to be donor egg and Sperm.

We couldn't afford to go for any more treatment at that time and after some research online I came across your product. I decided to go and purchase some (much to the bemusement of my husband who thought id lost my mind- after starting to use it the first month after our failed treatment I was absolutely gobsmacked to find out I was pregnant!!!!

The clinic were in shock and said it might not be a viable pregnancy as it could be things going on from the last cycle etc and it took 3 weeks before I got a confirmation that we had indeed conceived ourselves and there's no doubt in my mind that it was this gel! I had a few friends who have also been trying and it worked for another 2 of them!

Thanks so much as whatever it does this gel, it worked and as crazy as it sounds I don't doubt for a minute it was this.... Thanks for your time ....

Jen from Southport (ja****@hotmail.com)