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Miracle family set for magical Christmas

A WINSFORD couple are set for a magical Christmas after defying the odds to give birth to their second miracle baby. Clare Mossford and Chris MacLennan, from Commonwealth Close, had to have fertility treatment after Chris had testicular cancer in 2001. After three failed cycle of IVF at Leighton Hospital the couple were almost ready to give up, but gave it one last shot at CARE Manchester fertility clinic – their final attempt worked and baby Connie Grace was born in January 2011.

“When Chris had his treatment he didn’t freeze any sperm as it’s not something you think about until years later when you want to try for children,” explained Clare.

“I had lost all confidence in everything, we’d had four tries and we had learnt to only take each day as it comes otherwise you will drive yourself mad, so we’d said this would be the last go.

“CARE were amazing, I didn’t think it was real until Connie was in my arms as we’d been through so much heartbreak, but seeing is believing.”

The couple had frozen three embryos, in June 2012 they decided to try for another baby and these were defrosted with Clare and Chris delighted to find two were viable to transfer. Clare gave birth to Reggie George in April this year.

“We couldn't believe our eyes two weeks later that a pregnancy test came up positive again,” she added. “Reggie was frozen for two years, we were over the moon to have a little girl and we certainly didn’t think it would happen again.

“We were ecstatic our family was complete, not only had we been lucky enough to get pregnant twice but went on to have a boy and a girl.

“This year our Christmas is going to be magical with our amazing family of four.”