Pre-Seed Blog attacks Conceive Plus, afraid of the competition?

30 May 2009, Brussels: Dr Joanna Ellington, the inventor of Pre-Seed, sperm-friendly intimate moisturizer, made statements on the blog of her own invention Her latest posting attacks Sasmar Conceive Plus, a conception product which directly competes with Pre-seed in markets around the world. Dr Ellington, claims ‘’Conceive Plus has an osmolality over 400 mOsmo/kg which is a level that is unsafe for sperm”’

CEO of Sasmar, an Australian Bio-tech company, John-Michael Mancini said “Dr Ellington’s comment is false and misleading”. Sasmar Conceive PlusTM has been formulated by scientists and experts from respected university hospitals in the USA that both pH and osmolality are at levels which are safe for sperm with every batch subjected to testing before release”.

The World Health Organisation has reported that the optimal condition for sperm survival and migration in the cervical mucus requires a pH in the range of 7.0 to 8.5 and an isotonic solution. The terms “osmolality” and “tonicity”, should not be confused. It is well known that a solution can be hyperosmotic and isotonic at the same time. Therefore, it is more important to experimentally determine the efficacy of lubricant solutions on sperm viability and motility, and rely on that data rather than merely determining parameters such as osmolality and using osmolality measurements to hypothesize whether a particular lubricant may or may not do harm to sperm.

Mr Mancini said “It is a disappointing that Dr Ellington feels the need to attack her competition in this way, we believe competition and choice is healthy and that it is important to provide accurate information to enable consumers to make informed decisions about their health”.

Among many published scientific reports, including a widely cited study by Anderson et al. (“The effects of coital lubricants on sperm motility in vitro”, published in Human Reproduction (1998), 3351-56), comparing measured osmolality of various lubricant solutions and the effect of each of these lubricant solutions on human sperm motility, shows that osmolality alone cannot be the only parameters used to evaluate and determine if a solution is harmful or contraindicated to sperm viability.

Sasmar manufactures a variety of personal lubricants including the Conceive Plus product that is formulated to assist conception and covered by pending international patents. Mancini said “we have been producing premium lubricants for the global market for many years, and Conceive Plus is an extension of the Sasmar brand, now available in many countries around the world, including the USA”.

The posting by Dr Ellington, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, is closed for comments.