"The great thing is I am pregnant, we still can't believe it" - CONCEIVE PLUS

"The great thing is I am pregnant, we still can't believe it"

Conceive Plus testimonial

Hello, wish I could share my Conceive Plus testimonial on Facebook but unfortunately for some personal reasons I can't. I just want to say thank you to this team for making my family happy. About 7 weeks ago the Conceive Plus came up on my Facebook page and I read through it and after one week I showed it to my husband who also read about it and purchased it on eBay. Our only child is 4years and we have been trying for another one I have got proof from NHS. We bought and used this product in July 2016 which is last month during my ovulation period and we only used 2 which I was upset because we dint order on time.

The great thing is I am pregnant, we still can't believe it. Unfortunately, I can't share on Facebook because we still have to keep it secret as I haven't even registered at the hospital. I just really want to say a Big Big thank you to Conceive Plus. Hope one day I will be able to share my testimony as this is real and it definitely works. Thank you so much for putting smiles on peoples faces, we as a family are so delighted. I was so excited that I had to call my GP yesterday August 9th 2016 to share the news as he referred me to Queen's Hospital to do a test which would have been the 26th day of my period. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are so filled with joy. Doyinsola O., sent to helpdesk@sasmar.com, August 10, 2016

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