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Can Drinking Milk Help me Get Pregnant?

10 years ago, nutritionists probably would have told you to drink only skim milk and low-fat dairy products. Today, the tables have turned, and nutritionists have realized the value of natural healthy fats, like the ones in milk. These benefits extend to women trying to get pregnant: consuming a moderate amount of whole milk and other dairy products can lower your risk of infertility.

Whole milk and ovulatory infertility

Studies since 2007 have shown that full fat dairy products are linked to a lower chance of ovulatory infertility. Including healthy fats in your diet is also a natural way to regulate your appetite and stay healthy. Therefore, eating full fat dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese is part of a good long-term plan for conceiving and it can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

The risks of non-fat milk

Low-fat milk, on the other hand, can actually be bad for your fertility. In order to remove the fat from skim milk, dairy producers also remove estrogen and progesterone, leaving a higher proportion of androgens and male hormones. It means that,hormonal imbalances can be caused by regularly eating and drinking non-fat dairy products. Instead, look for whole milk products, and choose organic products when possible. Some women who are trying to get pregnant choose raw milk in order to consume all of the good and natural nutrients.

How much dairy should you eat?

When you’re trying to get pregnant, 1-2 servings of full-fat dairy every day is a good guideline. So enjoy some cheddar cheese, your favorite Greek yogurt, or a full fat milk and banana smoothie. Just keep in mind that you should still eat sugary foods, such as ice cream, in moderation.

Calcium is key in the process for conception

Calcium is helping to have a healthy reproductive system and a healthy baby. From helping the swim of spermatozoids to triggering growth in embryos, calcium is very important to help to create an alkaline environment in the reproductive tract and help you to get pregnant. A quart of raw milk has 900mg of food based calcium in it, which is most of what you need when trying to conceive. Conceive Plus also can help you because it is the only fertility lubricant in the world that contains ions of Calcium in order to support your path to pregnancy.