Surviving His Pregnant Mood Swings

Yes. Because dads-to-be have them too!

It is well known that when trying to conceive women emotions get heightened. Hormonal changes during pregnancy are even more unique in the life of the moms-to-be. They have up and down moods, one day everything is all pink and shiny, and the minute after they become fill blue. A new research found that it isn’t just the ladies who become more emotional during pregnancy and in the first months of parenthood. Apparently, men are, too! Surviving His Pregnant Mood Swings

The university of Notre Dame tracked the hormone levels and behaviors of 433 men in the Philippines. Lee Gettler found that men have their level of prolactin (the hormone that produce milk in women breast) is rising, while the men testosterone level drop. Basically men get involved in the pregnancy of their wives until the point that their all body starts reacting hormonally.

Is is not rare for men to put on weight as the belly of the wife grows. 20% of the future daddy's are experiencing the same symptoms as their wife such as nausea and headache.

This hormonal process prepares men to have more empathy and care. So if you notice that men whose partners are pregnant to seem kinder and more sensitive, there’s a good chance it’s not just your imagination.

With the study researchers also discovered that like women, dads-to-be have less interest in sex after the baby is born. This is mostly due to the drop of testosterone, but it is very likely that the lack of sleep plays a big role as well. No worries - we can give you some tips on how to spicy up your love life after childbirth.

According to the study everything goes back to normal after a year. If like many couples your sex life is a bit down after your first kid, check out our range of lubes, one of our flavors will surely inspire you.

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